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Steg- Released

Based on Qt-4.8.3

There isn't a complete changelog, as usual. :-)
The most important change is that I removed previous limitations.

Steg now is fully functional and free for everyone to download.

I also added "donate" buttons to the download page.
Other changes:

  • Steg is now linked to Qt-4.8.3
  • The path where Steg saves its settings is shown after the eula agreement.
  • When data are extracted a readme file is saved containing a reference to Steg's website.
  • Updates to the Help page.
  • Minor graphical user interface changes.
  • Large code and Steg's project review.
  • I successfully compiled Steg with Qt-5-Beta and with Necessitas SDK for Android platform (not yet usable).

Compatible with previous versions.

Friday, November 23, 2012 - 16:42